The Centers for Applied Science of Technology (CAST) Internship

October 22, 2020

CAST stands for Centers of Applied Science and Technology. With the mission to empower and connect young people today, so that tomorrow, we may advance our community by achieving their dreams and futures.

CAST is a network of in-district charter schools specializing in multi-industries, working hand in hand with industry partners. The first school of its kind.

Starting October 2019, for Junior and Senior year, I had the opportunity to Intern in Marketing and Communications for CAST Tech; a school specialized in Entrepreneurship, Cyber Security, and User Experience. The internship started with me, focusing on social media on Facebook.

As an Interns working under a contract with Greater Good LLC, reporting directly to Maria Louisa Cesar. I was working directly with CAST, My job required understanding the unique needs, assets of the organization, creating tailored communications and media strategy to build compelling messaging centered on social impact. The catalytic power of storytelling is built and helps mine stories of impact from students to share with the world—elevating works of CAST and CAST Tech.

with Greater Good LLC. as she mentored me on how to tell students' stories to the world and these skills:

In December 2019, we started our campaign to get students to apply with the theme of  "Your Future Starts Here."

In late March 2019, CAST appointed a Marketing and Communications Director. I reported to Heriberto "Eddie" Rodriguez,

Who mentored me on marketing and communications, using techniques for campaigns such as:

December 2020, we started another campaign, "We Are CAST."

After the internship, marketing and communications are crucial skills any person needs to acquire, especially entrepreneurs and business owners.

Marketing done right requires you to understand an organization's assets and values and communicate with others to inspire actions. If you do not align with the company's values, marketing the company to others will not fulfill others' inspiration. I have a spark with marketing, and this industry is an industry I have learned to love. To the point, I would read books and watch videos to learn more about what I am doing and my role.

This process has helped me gain skills I would need as someone who will own a business and work for a company. I have learned the process, the cycle, the purpose, and techniques of marketing. I understand now why content creation and marketing and communications are high paying jobs because they do require another level of thinking and skills.

After this internship ends, I am inspired to apply my skills to jobs and my brand. The Marketing and Communications Intern has built a strong foundation for the beginning of my professional ventures and career.

Thank you, Amir Samandi, Maria Louisa Cesar, and Herbito "Eddie" Rodriguez!

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