Jonathan Caleb Rodriguez,

Jon Rodz

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In need of a designer who can bring ideas to life? I am a digital product designer and Sophomore student at SCAD with a passion for creating intuitive and visually stunning user experiences.


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Philosophy + Expertise

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A Designer's Eye

The ability to perceive and evaluate the world in terms of design principles, focusing on composition, color, balance, and contrast, and the ability to identify and address design challenges.

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A Business Mind

The ability to think and act strategically and entrepreneurially, by applying business principles, identifying opportunities for growth and profit, and making effective decisions.

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An Artist's Heart

The ability to connect with and express oneself through art, with passion and emotion, and to deeply appreciate the creative process and the art of others.

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An Advocate's Voice

The ability to communicate effectively and persuasively in support of a cause or belief, intending to raise awareness and promote change through the power of the spoken word.

What Others Say

Jon Rodz Spark Star
It is rare that you come across standout talent like Jonathan. Jonathan stood out as a team leader and put his project management and design skills to the test. I was particularly impressed by Jonathan’s ability to command a room and get people on board with ideas while ensuring all voices are heard and ideas vetted.
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Sadie Bronk
CEO of Energy Bees & Best Earth Ever Project
Jon served as a Digital Design intern with us at HEB over the summer of 2022. from the time Jon interviewed you could tell that he had a love for and knowledge of Human Centered Design. It was an easy decision to hire him. He carried that drive and passion through to his internship where he was put on to a design research effort centered around our onboarding program where he did a lot of great work.
Sadie Bronk in flower shape
Jeremy Karney
Director of Design, H-E-B

If There's A Will—
There's A Way

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The old adage "where there's a will, there's a way" is a mantra that has been passed down to me by my mother and grandmother and one that has proved to be true in my own life. From growing up in poverty to becoming an Adobe Design Circle Scholar studying at an out-of-state private art school (SCAD), I have achieved my goals through determination and a belief in my own abilities. I hope to inspire others to believe in themselves and their potential and to use design to spark their impossible ideas into reality.

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The Journal

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A glimpse into the mind, ideas, thoughts, opinions, and life of a young professional Latino designer.


Design starts with a spark of creativity

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