Student UX Designer
Adobe Design Circle Scholar

Jon Rodz

I design thoughtful business solutions to improve trust in user experiences for products and services across the tech, creative, and education industries.

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How I Help

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A Designer's Eye

Through mediums of design such as Visual Design, Web Design, and Graphic Design, It takes knowledge and experience to know what makes it an overall success.

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A Business Mind

Solving any problem and working through thoughtful solutions are crucial for design work. Every design project should have a return on investment because the design makes an impact.

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An Artist's Heart

Empathy, expression, and understanding are what make trust happen in the world; UX Design, people-focused design, and seeing what others need takes heart.

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An Advocate's Voice

Being an advocate for ideas and sharing people's stories makes a design successful. An idea is an action with a purpose,  and I, as a designer, hone those ideas.

It is rare that you come across standout talent like Jonathan. Jonathan stood out as a team leader and put his project management and design skills to the test. I was particularly impressed by Jonathan’s ability to command a room and get people on board with ideas while ensuring all voices are heard and ideas vetted.
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Sadie Bronk
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If There's A Will
There's A Way

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Mantra in life

My mantra, one that everyone and their mama have said, was actually one my Mom and Grandma would tell me whenever I needed support. Growing up in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Texas to being an Adobe Design Circle Scholar studying at an out-of-state private college; took a lot more than skills. It took a belief that I could do it if I said I wanted to; I hope to instill that belief in others. In every Design project we do, our impossible ideas become real.

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The Design Journal

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Ideas, Opinions, BTS & Life

A peak into my mind, my ideas, my thoughts, my opinions and my life all through the eyes of a young professional Latino designer.

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Putting The Spark Into Good Design

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I imagine a world where people wake up feeling thoughtful and end the day trusting in themselves and the community they're in.

I express that through design.
I design thoughtfully to create trust.