Love Drub

January 15, 2021

What's Love Drub?

My Senior Project is called "Love Drub." Love meaning an intense feeling of deep affection. Drub meaning defeat thoroughly in a match or contest or hit repeatedly.

This project has been in the works since 2019 in August. Just to get it right. I will be using my skills and create a brand, focused on connecting others, especially those we love.

The original idea was a massive immerse art installation using Lenticular;

And RGB artwork that transform under different colored lights;

Due to COVID the installation is not possible. However, I want the idea to live on! 2 years later I gained multiple new skills such as building websites, or designing logos.

SAY Si will be creating a Senior Show website, this is last years, where students can showcase their Senior Project and who they are.

The Love Drub will not be an installation anymore, it will be one large piece of artwork, that will use RGB and lenticular, with the artwork being a symbol of connecting. I will also create a website that will showcase the artwork and the story behind it.

The artwork is expected to be showcase in Mid-July and the project will be live!

I ask you to consider supporting this project by donating. Once donating to the GoFundMe, I will post updates on this site as well as on GoFundMe about the project for this interested in seeing the completion of the project.

With love, thank you.

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