Origin Story

June 12, 2020

Normal World

Born and raised deep in the heart of Texas! Growing up on the West Side of San Antonio, I always envisioned making a living as an artist or just living a life that was creative. I was inspired by the stories I saw and the struggles I lived through.

Call to Adventure

Being raised by a single mother of three, wanting the very best for my present and future, she brought home a brochure for SAY Si. Pfft SAY Si, that’s going in the trash. Guess what was on the counter the next day?

Mentors Appear

Yup, that crumbled up SAY Si brochure. I joined SAY Si, a tuition-free, after-school art program for economically disadvantaged youth in San Antonio.

My SAY Si Instructors and my now lifelong mentors, Stevan Živadinović, Ned Meneses, and Rick Stemm, showed me that being creative is more than just being an artist.

Courage to Try

Being creative is being an Animator, a Game Developer, an Illustrator, and even a Web Designer. But how do I find my creative path?  With courage and a lot of trial and error (I mean a lot), I sailed right into uncharted creative territory.

Cross the Threshold

I not only discovered I didn't want to be an artist, but I also discovered my passion for being a leader, a mentor, and an entrepreneur.  Switching schools Junior year to CAST Tech was the jump start to committing to my creative path;  Web and UX Design.

Jonathan Rodriguez,
Web/ UX Designer

Student, Freelancer, Web / UX Designer that's a title, right? I am graduating class of 2021, eager to learn and willing to solve complex problems creatively.

If there's a will, there's a way.

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