Co-Lead Designer


Spring 2018


"Augmenting San Antonio" was a project that used augmented reality (AR) to showcase omitted histories in the city as part of SAY Si's annual "Stories Seldom Told" show. I led a team of 9 designers and artists, the project aimed to provide a unique and interactive learning experience.

My Role

Co-Project Manager


Unity, illustrator, Woodshop, SketchUp, Trello


Luis Castaneda, Andres Gutierrez, Madelyn Holveck (Co-Lead Designer), Maggie Kolb

The Installation Art

Augmenting the City of San Antonio’s Omitted Histories

At a glance, the "Augmenting San Antonio" project is about using augmented reality (AR) technology and design software to map out the history of the city's structures and present a new view of San Antonio to visitors through an interactive exhibit.


Above is the process of the Augmented Reality Project, Augmenting San Antonio.

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