UX Design SCAD Project

Spring 2023


Ghalib Othman, Jonathan Rodriguez, Chi Quach


March 23’ - May 23’


Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Rhino 3D, Keyshot 3D, Google Suite

Project overview

STRIDE is a smart wearable that helps elders walk with confidence and safety. It analyzes your walking patterns, alerts you to exhaustion or imbalance, and guides you to nearby resources. With personalized safety features and fitness tracking, STRIDE empowers you to maintain your independence and walk with peace of mind. This project was created for Professor Clark's Interactive Product Design class at SCAD.


As UX Strategy Lead/Product Manager, I focused on the business, identifying features and user stories of our digital product while also assisting in branding, interaction design and user research and testing to inform our design decisions.

Case study in development

This project is my most recent, please refer to this presentation for more about the process

Great Design starts with a spark of creativity

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