SAY Sí (San Antonio Youth Yes)

Co-Lead Artist, Design Project
Mar 2018
Apr 2018
Luis Castaneda, Andres Gutierrez, Madelyn Holveck (Co-Lead Artist), Maggie Kolb
Unity, illustrator, Woodshop, SketchUp

SAY Si is an after-school, non-profit, tuition free arts program for Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers, focusing on 4 disciplines, visual arts, performing arts, film, and new media.

For SAY Sí's yearly show, Stories Seldom Told, our team was tasked with showcasing Omitted Histories in San Antonio using the Medium of AR.


Above is the process of the Augmented Reality Project, Augmenting San Antonio.

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I imagine a world where people wake up feeling thoughtful and end the day trusting in themselves and the community they're in.

I express that through design.
I design thoughtfully to create trust.

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