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The Best UX Design Podcast For Students..

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January 7, 2023 9:22 PM
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Jon Rodz

UX Design Podcast For Students

I As a student and officer for SCAD FLUX, I have to say that our UX design podcast is one of the best out there – and I don't say that just because I'm biased! I really enjoy podcasts that are raw and authentic, rather than feeling scripted or corporate. InFLUX fits the bill, offering a student's perspective on UX design and related topics.

One of my favorite episodes features Khoi Vinh, discussing a range of interesting topics and ideas in UX design. While some episodes may be specific to SCAD and may not apply to all students, the podcast is still worth a listen for its relatable and engaging format.

In addition to InFLUX, I also enjoy listening to the following design podcasts and recommend checking out the following episodes:

Whether you're looking to stay entertained while doing chores or simply want to learn more about design, these podcasts are worth a listen. Personally, I discovered the joy of podcasts while doing household chores, such as washing the dishes. They provide a great way to multitask and learn something new at the same time.

Jon Rodz
As a young professional designer, Jon Rodz studies UX design at SCAD. He works on products and services thoughtfully across industries. In an industry where Latinos are underrepresented, Jon believes he will make a difference in driving design innovation and systems inclusive of his culture.

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